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Unlock Your Full Potential

Create positive life changes by working to break down and address the barriers that are holding you back in all areas of your life.  I provide insightful understanding while also providing guidance for you to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.  I will help you supercharge your motivation to attract positive energy.  We will discover what makes you who you are so you are empowered to go after your biggest goals.

We will dive into the aspects of your life that you feel you need to strengthen or change. such as….

Self Love and Self Care

Career Building


Life Purpose


Confidence and Self-Esteem


Intuitive Readings

Schedule an intuitive reading with me where I can provide guidance and insight into your life.

Life Coaching

Step into your power and unlock all the barriers that are holding you back from your potential.

Past Life Regression Therapy & Hypnosis

Release past life traumas through guided hypnosis in a personal session.


Join us in an online workshop focusing on different aspects of your life.  Coming Soon!

Birth Chart Analysis

Schedule a customized birth chart analysis on your astrological chart to discover more about yourself.

What is an Intuitive Life Coach?
Who is Coaching For?

An intuitive life coach guides clients through making important life decisions by:

  • Learning about the client’s dreams, struggles, and goals
  • Allowing the client to self-reflect and understand what truly motivates them internally
  • Providing tools and techniques to apply towards real life
  • Enabling the client to visualize their full potential without unnecessary limits

Intuitive coaching sessions are designed to allow clients to see their path more clearly, reset life habits or patterns that aren’t serving them well, and refresh their energy by aligning with true life purpose.  Sessions focus on enhancing intuition, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.  Coaching is not restricted to any age, gender, or beliefs.

Discover Your Life Purpose.

Find out your life purpose through intense coaching sessions with me where we will explore and uncover your passions and hidden truths.

Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs

Figure out what negative thoughts or beliefs are holding you back and work to change your mindset.  You will learn how to empower yourself to shed your negative beliefs.

Overcome Obstacles

When difficult and life changing decisions arise, it is important to explore all the options in front of you.  We will work together to identify and overcome any obstacles that may hold you back.

Step Into Your Power

Guidance on your path to help you step into your power.  I will give you the tools you need to feel resilient and ready enough to take the right steps.

About Me

Liza is a professional intuitive who works with clients to uncover and achieve their life purpose.  She uses her gifts and skills as a practitioner with Life Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression Therapy.  She is also in the process of getting her PhD in Natural Medicine and Integrative Health.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Summa Cum Laude

Board Certified Life Coach

Certified Hypnotherapist

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification

Past Life Regression Therapy Practitioner

PhD Student of Natural Medicine


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“Liza is a professional, engaging and empathic person. She has valuable insights into the patterns of the world around us. I trust her readings and any direction that she provides.”


“Liza’s gifts are unique, working with her is like being in a deep therapy session of the soul. She takes your problems and makes you feel nurtured and cared for. Her intuition is so strong, it is an amazing feeling whenever I work with her. She will give you the encouragement and the support you need to take your life to the next level. I recommend Liza to all of my clients, she is one of a kind!”


“I set up my session with Liza online it was easy . She was very accurate with the information she gave me and very thoughtful. I found her insight to be truly beneficial. I have spoken to other psychics before and she is the real deal ! I have been working with Liza rebranding myself for a few months now and I am so grateful that I found her!”


Free Resources

Manifestation eBook

7 steps to manifest what you want.  This Ebook is a great reference to use when you want to focus on your goals.

Create Your Vision Board

This workbook will help you plan out and create your own vision board to help you stay focused on your goals.

Master Class Workshops

Work with me and other like minded people in my free master classes.  New classes being added regularly!

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Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

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