In the world we live in, the term narcissist is used constantly.  Most people use it to define a person who is egotistical and vain.  What most people do not know is that it is a serious personality disorder, one that can damage the lives of the people the narcissist comes into contact if they are not careful.  The majority of narcissists refuse to seek mental help because they feel they do not have a problem and shift the blame for their behavior onto their victims.

With these 12 signs, you will be able to understand if your partner is a narcissist and if your relationship also carries these patterns.  

  1. Never ever admits to any wrongdoingThey are not accountable for their actions and believe there is nothing wrong with their behavior.  They have a distorted way of looking at how they treat the people they love.
  2. Acts childish when they do not get their wayThey will sulk and give you the silent treatment if you do not give in to their demands.  They will resort to punishing you for not agreeing to their terms.
  3. Manipulates and twists everything around to make you look like a bad person They are very good at twisting the truth to make you out to be a bad person, even when you know that they are doing it.  It is impossible to have an argument with them, they always have to win no matter what.
  4. Makes up lies to either make themselves look good or to put you downThey lie about everything – they are pathological liars!  The scary thing is that they believe their own lies and are very convincing to people they talk to.  
  5. Makes you question your own realityKnows how to gaslight you and make you question events or things that have happened in your relationship.  You start to feel like you may actually be losing your mind.
  6. Belittles you in front of friends and familyWill purposefully bad talk you to others, even in your presence!  They do this to push you down and to make you feel more self-conscious.
  7. They control everything you do, even your financesThey take total control over your life.  Every detail is under their thumb, right down to how much money you spend and who you are friends with.
  8. They do not feel any empathy towards youIf you are not feeling well or just having a bad day, they don’t care.  They will actually get annoyed or angry that you are not paying them more attention.
  9. Constant need for attention They expect you to be at their beck and call, and will be enraged if you do not jump at their commands.  This is especially true when it comes to intimacy.
  10. Blames all their problems on you or othersWill never admit they are wrong but will deflect the blame on others instead.  You most likely are at the receiving end.
  11. Wants everything to be perfect  Expects perfection in everything from how clean the house is to your children’s behavior.  If anything seems less than perfect, they turn the blame on you.
  12. Showers you with love as soon as you try to break up with themThey fear that you will leave, so when you tell them it is over they try to seem sincere and lure you back in, promising to change or to make things right.  But it is all lies, they eventually go right back to treating you the same way.