Have you wondered how this person that you love dearly became the monster that he/she is?

There are great debates on the nurture versus nature aspect of this problem.  I definitely believe that narcissists are not born that way.  There is something that happened in their lives to get them to develop this personality disorder.  It is a fact that children raised by narcissistic parents are more likely to become narcissists themselves.  Narcissists are nurtured from childhood, and depending on the family dynamic there are varying degrees of narcissism that will come to light.

In my personal studies, I have come across so much proof that this is the cause.  The majority of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are male, do you wonder why that is?  I have looked into this myself and uncovered the fact that when sons are raised by narcissistic mothers, their relationships are a dynamic that is different than a mother-daughter relationship.  And of course, the child’s chance of becoming a narcissist is doubled if both parents are narcissists.

A narcissistic mother-in-law is just as lethal if not more lethal than a spouse that is narcissistic.

With a narcissistic mother, the child they choose as their “golden child” is placed up high on a pedestal.  Giving them an over-inflated ego with the belief that they can do no wrong.  This is the recipe for disaster and the beginning of where the personality disorder is created.

As soon as you come into their child’s life, you are immediately marked as a threat.  You will never be good enough for their child, even if she will act charming and friendly towards you.  A narcissistic mother-in-law is just as lethal if not more lethal than a spouse that is narcissistic.  They do not believe in healthy boundaries and will break through any boundaries you try to set with them.

Narcissistic mothers-in-law are known to team up with your narcissistic spouse, devaluing your self-worth to push you down.  It is their goal to manipulate you and keep their child on top of the pedestal, no matter what the costs.

Being in a situation like this is very hard to understand from the outside, and almost impossible to escape.  Educating yourself is the best method to understand what is happening to you.