Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of sage and smudging?  It is interesting and I never actually thought about it until I recently decided to research some more about it.  Sage has healing properties and is known to remove negative energies.  Its use originated with the Native Americans, they used it to prevent illnesses and disease.

I have made it a tradition to smudge my home using dried white sage, a practice I started after I learned to meditate daily.  It really helps remove the negative energy surrounding you and your home.  It is also used for spiritual cleansing before ceremonies.  I prefer to smudge myself before I meditate, it really opens up my intuition and helps keep me focused.  Although some may not really like the smell, it is something that you can get used to.

You can find dried sage in metaphysical shops.  I have also seen it in Whole Foods or other health food stores.  If you have no luck finding any near you, I know I have seen it on Amazon.

Here are the steps to smudge your home:

  1. It is best to open a window in each room that you plan to smudge. Doing this will allow the negative energy to be released out the window.
  2. Light the sage over a fireproof bowl and walk around each room with it, fanning it with a feather or your hand.
  3. Walk clockwise around the room and make sure to get every corner of the room as well.
  4. You can recite these words “I am releasing all the negative energy and will keep only good energy” You can also add any positive intentions that you want to recite.
  5. Go into each room and repeat this process.

Here are steps to smudge yourself:

  1. Light the sage over a fireproof bowl
  2. Start at your crown and work your way down to your feet fanning the smoke towards yourself.
  3. Make sure to get the smoke behind you as well.
  4. You can also inhale the smoke to purify your body.
  5. You can recite whatever mantras you want to help rid the negative energy from your body.


I hope this helps, I know a lot of people have different rituals that they use.  If you would like to share yours, please include them in the comments.